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Professional Bookbinding and Printing Services.
Since 1985

Bookbinding Services

We offer a wide range of bookbinding services and finishing, specialising in legal and published services.

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Printing Services

We offer a wide range of printing services, including all book and journal requirements. We also offer custom foiling for any need.

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Materials and Typsetting

We offer all types of bookbinding materials including genuine leather and book cloth, together with providing typesetting services to the bookbinding fraternity and our clients.

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We offer more than just Bookbinding and Printing services

PJ Bookbinders have been in the binding and printing industry since 1985. We offer professional advice, high calibre craftsmanship, and exceptional quality of our finished products.

We offer a wide range of services, including deluxe leather binding, soft cover and hard cover binding, restoration, repair, and refurbishing of books, and much more.

Binding of law books, diaries, journals, and periodicals. 

We specialise in both hardcover, leather, thred sewn, and softcover binding. 

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Printing of diaries, journals, posters, and newspapers

We provide all printing services, with fast turn-around times.  We can assist with any size printing job.

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Supply of all binding and printing materials.

We provide all the materials to get the job done properly, including foiling, slip cases and gift boxes

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Experience, Expertise and Quality since 1985

PJ Bookbinders is a family owned business based in Cape Town. We own all our own machinery, and do all work in-house, which ensures we provide quality Bookbinding and Printing services to every client.

We provide a very hands on approach to ensure the quality and timing of our services meets every client requirement. 

All our staff are well trained in the aspects of bookbinding and printing. We pride ourselves on ensuring our staff are well cared for and that our friendly and welcoming atmosphere provides an indication of the core values at PJ Bookbinders.  

PJ Bookbinders is a BBBEE certified and registered business, and prides itself on empowering it’s staff through continuous knowledge transfer.


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We are a committed team of professionals who are passionate about delivering quality products for all our clients. We work to provide solutions for all client needs and would love to hear from you.

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